This Poor Woman Just Wanted A Better Life

by William Teach | August 31, 2008 10:15 am

This is terrible. A tragedy

A Martinez woman[1]who used another person’s identity to get a $20,000 breast lift and tummy tuck in Greenbrae was sentenced Wednesday to nine months in the Marin County Jail.

She nearly got away with it, but a get-well bouquet and a navel itch were her undoing.

Londie Bowman, 32, will surrender at the jail in October, said her lawyer, deputy public defender Eva Bennett.

Bowman could have been sentenced to as much as four years in prison after pleading guilty last month to three counts of identity theft. Prosecutors dismissed charges of commercial burglary, possession of a forged instrument and receiving stolen property.

This is just wrong, sending her to jail. Did she really harm anyone? All she wanted was a better life. And she will be separated from her family. That is simply just cruel. Where is the sympathy for her plight? I think we should start a petition drive, and perhaps have a march. Who is there to protect her rights?

Dumb argument, right? But, those are the arguments used by those who support illegal aliens, or, as they like to call them, undocumented immigrants. People whose first action is to break federal law. Many of them are busted using stolen identities, which can do lasting harm to an Americans life. Many of them kill, rape, kidnap, rob, and do physical harm to Americans. Is anyone going to be upset about a woman being separated from her family for starving her horses[2] or for sexually assaulting a child[3]? Well, a liberal might, but, then, we know their view on crime includes the phrase “coddle the criminal.”

When 600 were detained in Laurel[4], Miss, the usual suspects gave their usual[5] bleeding[6] heart[7] responses[8]. Quite frankly, I do no care if illegals are living in a climate of fear. Good. They should. They have broken at least one federal law, and many of them are break many more laws, from minor to major. I have no sympathy what-so-ever for an illegal alien who was busted for carjacking and raping a woman in June[9].

I have no sympathy for illegals who will not be able to rent a place to live[10]. I have no sympathy for single mothers who are illegal aliens and might be separated from their children[11]. Hint to the illegals: you can take the anchor babies with you. And, again, I could care less if they live in fear[12]. If you are breaking the law, you should live in fear.

Do we need to fix the immigration system? You betcha. It is broken. It is too easy for people to come illegally, it is too easy for visitors to overstay their visa – sometimes for years and decades – and it is too difficult, and expensive, for people to come legally, some for a long visit, some because they want to be citizens. Coupled with continued increase enforcement, and, in particular, targeting those who hire illegals. More focus has been placed on the employers, and, illegals are often leaving because there are no jobs.

Illegal alien sympathizes will probably complain about that, too.

Oh, BTW, don’t you just love the naughty librarian Sarah Palin[13]?

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove[14]

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