‘Tis The Season

by Kathleen McKinley | December 23, 2010 1:41 pm

Night before last my neighbors and I got together and made 200 sandwiches for a soup kitchen. Although I have decorated, cooked, gone to see Christmas plays, strung lights outside, gone to Christmas parties, and wrapped dozens of presents, making those sandwiches was probably the most Christmas thing I will do.

We love the Christmas season, but we should never forget the reason for the season.


He came into this world to save us from ourselves. He made sure he left us a guide book, and let us know that he was still here with us, listening, and answering prayers. We just have to listen.

Which brings me to a man named Alan Graham. Mr. Graham is 54 years old and lives in Austin, Texas. Texas Magazine recently did a piece on him. I was so impressed I thought I would pass his story along on how incredible things can come from us caring about the poor and those around us.

In 1998 Mr. Graham worked in real estate, but a friend told him about some churches in Corpus Christi that were taking food to people in the streets. Suddenly the image of a catering truck came to his mind. He knew what he should do. You see, he was listening.

He raised $25,000 and bought a catering truck. He made his first run of bringing food to the homeless where ever they were in 1999. Now, he has 18 catering trucks and some 13,000 volunteers. They serve about 600,000 homeless a year in parks, street corners, housing projects, and shelters across Texas.

All this because he listened. God can work miracles in us, if we just pay attention.

I hope all of you have a blessed Christmas.

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