Today’s New Low In Politics Is Brought To You By The Ivory Coast

by John Hawkins | December 21, 2005 12:02 pm

Politics started getting nastier during the Reagan years onward and it has gotten particularly cutthroat since Bush got into office. For example, comparing Bush to Hitler has become so commonplace that it’s passe. Even worse, when William Rehnquist died[1], there were lefties publicly talking about how they wanted to expel various bodily fluids all over his grave. In Reagan’s case, there were even protestors at Reagan’s funeral[2].

But, as bad as it has gotten, we can at least take comfort in the fact that there is one line that hasn’t been crossed[3] in American politics — well, yet anyway:

“Armed men dug up and tried to steal the corpse of the mother of one of war-torn Ivory Coast’s opposition party leaders Monday but were stopped when guards intervened, the party said.

Hadja Nabintou Cisse, mother of the leader of the opposition Rally of Republicans party (RDR) and former prime minister Alassane Dramane Ouattara, was buried in the cemetery in Williamsville, a suburb of Ivory Coast’s commercial capital Abidjan, on December 8.

Her son, a hated figure among many supporters of President Laurent Gbagbo who accuse him of starting the 2002 civil war that left the country divided in two, had returned from exile in Paris for the funeral.

RDR spokesman Cisse Bacongo said around 10 armed men dressed in security forces uniforms exhumed the body from the grave early Monday and carried it to the cemetery entrance before security guards raised the alarm and local youths gave chase.

The men fled in a four-wheel drive jeep without license plates, leaving the undamaged body of the Muslim woman behind. It was later reburied by several Imams, Bacongo said.”

Thanks a lot, you gravediggers on the Ivory Coast! As if we needed anyone giving the loons in this country any new ideas.

Hat tip to Fark[4] for the story.

*** Update #1 ***: Well, I guess there really is nothing new in politics. Via Raxter in the comments section, I found out that the guys on the Ivory Coast are merely walking along a trail blazed by a bunch of animal rights wackos in Britain[5] who not only dug up a woman’s grave, but apparently chopped her body into pieces and then withheld her remains as a way of blackmailing her family until they agreed to stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research (which sadly, seems to have worked).

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