Tom Tancredo To Endorse Mike Pence For Minority Whip

by John Hawkins | November 9, 2006 5:02 pm

Earlier today, I frowned on the idea[1] of seeing Mike Pence move into a leadership position, despite the fact that he’s a hard nosed, reform minded, fiscal conservative, because Pence proposed an absolutely horrible amnesty plan[2] last session.

Well, there’s been some news on that front. I have gotten confirmation from a highly trusted source inside Tom Tancredo’s office that Tancredo will be endorsing Pence. Since, in my book, Tom Tancredo is the gold standard on illegal immigration, that turns me around 180 degrees. That’s because if Tanc is going to support Pence, it means that Pence must have given him some reassurances about how he’d handle illegal immigration. Otherwise, there’s no way Tom Tancredo would support him.

So, I am now officially reversing my stance and rooting for Mike Pence to be the new Minority Leader in the House.

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