Tombstone & International Law: In

Tombstone & International Law: In the movie Tombstone, the Earp family & Doc Holliday had just finished a bloody gunfight with a group of five ‘Cowboys’ (a gang in the movie) at the OK Corral. They killed four of the five ‘Cowboys’ and two of the Earps were wounded. As they’re limping back to have their wounds tended, corrupt sheriff Johnny Behan comes on the scene. Behan is basically a pretty boy who sides with the ‘Cowboys’ most of the time as much out of fear as corruption. He tries to place the Earps and Holliday under arrest and Wyatt Earp replies, “I don’t think I’ll let you arrest us today, Behan”

That’s exactly the phrase I think of whenever someone starts ranting about how “we have to get permission from the UN to invade Iraq” or that an invasion would be a “violation of international law.” I don’t think we’ll let the UN arrest anyone from the United States today for violating ‘international law.’ I think we’ll do whatever we need to in order to defend ourselves and remove the threat to America and the ‘Axis of Feeble’ can either complain about it or can try to convince themselves that it’s legal, whichever is easier for them to take. Just remember that Ann Coulter was right when she said, “In the corporeal world, international law is whatever the United States and Great Britain say it is.”

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