Trashing Reagan Before The Body Is Even In The Ground

by John Hawkins | June 8, 2004 12:04 am

Like cockroaches pouring out of a dank pile of garbage, left-wingers from across the net have already started vomiting forth their attacks on Ronald Reagan. Legions of small, vulgar, people, degenerates that they are, could not even wait until the body was in the ground before launching the most grotesque invective their misshapen brains could come up with. Their numbers include…

Joe Davidson[1] at MSNBC, Greg Palast[2], Christopher Hitchens[3] at Slate, Ted Rall[4], Danny Glover[5], Bartcop[6], Daily Kos[7], numerous authors at CounterPunch[8] & The Democratic Underground Forums[9], on & on & on…

It’s also worth noting that these troglodytes were joined by Castro’s Cuba[10], Muammar Gaddafi[11], & Daniel Ortega[12] in trashing Reagan. But, the sort of crude & puerile boors who myopically view life through the twisted prism of their own politics are not likely to be bothered by that sort of thing. In fact, there is no point in asking whether these people are ashamed of their behavior or whether they have any sense of decency, because the answer is already painfully obvious.

It has become fashionable to point out how much many of these same people “hate Bush”. But, after watching their gross & indecent attacks on Reagan so soon after his passing, it has become obvious that these people are actually wretched, crass, bile filled pigs who are simply so consumed by hatred that they can’t help but let it spew out at every opportunity…

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