Update On Weinergate

by Kathleen McKinley | May 31, 2011 1:10 pm

My original post here[1].

As of today, the Capitol police have not been notified by Rep. Weiner about the “hacker” that Weiner claims to have hacked into his account[2]. Many leftwing bloggers are attacking the twitterer that retweeted the tweet, Dan Wolfe. Wolfe, for his part, has offered cooperation with any investigation, including access to his computer, but there is no investigation. Weiner clearly has an obligation to prove this was a hacker. He needs to report it to the police and FBI for an investigation to take place to either indict or clear those being accused. Somehow, I don’t think that will happen. But again, if it is proven I am wrong, I will eat crow. All the speculation from both sides mean nothing unless an investigation takes place. Also, Weiner spokesman Dave Arnold has been asked four times whether the photo is of Weiner. He has not responded. Why not just say, “no?”

Also, here a true timeline of what happened. [3]

More details here[4]. I’d like to point out that I do not believe that the girl who was tweeted the picture has a relationship with Weiner. For some perverted reason, some men like to send pics like this to women who like to receive them. It’s a perv’s way of “flirting.” That’s what I believe this was.

It looks as if Weiner just wants this to go away[5]. I bet he does. Bottom line, if this was a hacker, as Weiner claimed, and he doesn’t ask for an investigation, then we will know that it was indeed him. Innocent men want the light to shine on truth. Guilty men want it all to go away.

Will the mainstream media let Weiner get away with this the way they certainly wouldn’t if it were a Republican congressmen? Probably.

UPDATE: CNN is reporting[6] that Rep. Weiner is refusing to answer the question on why he is not asking for an investigation. More revealing, he is refusing to answer the question whether the lewd picture is of him or not.

I think that tells us a lot, don’t you think?

Update: I think any reasonable person who watches the video of Rep. Weiner below refusing to answer, knows that Weiner did indeed take that picture of himself.

Also notice that he calls the reporter that asks him that question a “jackass.” Weiner spends most of his time on twitter mocking and slurring the good people of the Tea Party. He mocks Republicans as well. Sometimes when Karma comes and bites you, it ain’t pretty.

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