U.S. Borders Still Porous As

U.S. Borders Still Porous As Sieves: I just read an article from World Net Daily about how abysmal our border security is. Not only are we not doing enough to get rid of the illegal aliens in our country, we’re not doing enough to stop new illegals that are coming into the US. Let me make a few suggestions about how we could start to get the situation under control…

1) Put the military on the border: This should be a temporary measure until we can up our full-time personnel on the border but it should greatly reduce the number of illegals sneaking over the border.

2) Up the budget for the INS and border patrol significantly: This is exactly the sort of thing that our government SHOULD BE doing. Not spending hundreds of billions of dollars on corporate welfare for farmers and prescription drug plans for medicare.

3) Significantly increase penalties for businesses that hire illegal aliens: If you cut off the jobs, you cut off a big part of the reason illegals come here.

4) Ban illegals from receiving any government services except emergency medical care: No school, no government programs, nothing but emergency medical treatment and a one way ticket back home.

5) Encourage the police to arrest illegals: The INS is too overwhelmed/incompetent to get rid of illegal aliens in the US. That means we need to get the police involved to help.

6) Set up a worker program with Mexico: There’s nothing wrong with allowing millions of Mexicans to come into the US, as long as they’re paying their taxes and we are capable of monitoring their actions.

7) No amnesty for illegals: Giving illegal aliens in the US amnesty would be sending a terrible message. Not only would we be rewarding illegal aliens for breaking our laws, but we’d be encouraging tens of millions of illegals to sneak into the US so they be around the next time we give “amnesty.” We may say we’ll never do it again but our actions would say otherwise.

If you want to stop illegal immigration into the US and control our borders, this will get the job done.

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