Vacation Notes

by John Hawkins | November 21, 2003 11:59 pm

I’m about to go on my once a year, week long vacation. That means the next update of RWN is going to be on Monday the 1st of December. If it’s any consolation, I have some really good stuff planned for the week I get back.

As per usual when I go out of town, I’ve put up a few websites I like in the daily news section. If I’m not going to be here, maybe I can at least farm out a little traffic to some deserving blogs.

— I also wanted to give a big thank you to all of RWN’s advertisers for helping to make what RWN does possible. So please take a look at…

Delta Star[1]
Electric Venom[2]
Ghost Of A Flea[3]
Lex Libertas[4]
Right Wing Nut[5]
Right Wing Stuff[6]
DANEgerus Weblog[9]
Neowhig 2004[10]
The Sake Of Argument[12]

Furthermore, you may have noticed that there is a new form of advertising on RWN. If you look over the support section you’ll see that text ads are now available. You can purchase a text ad for $10 and it runs for a month at a stretch. There are 20 ad spots currently available and up to 10 of them will be randomly placed in the support section at a time. So for example if I manage to sell 14 text ads, 10 of the 14 will show up each time the page is refreshed. If you want to buy the ad, just send me the money via Paypal and email me ( — replace the -at- with @) the URL and name of your blog.

That’s all for now; have a great turkey day while I’m gone.

***Update #1***: There are currently 2 button ads available. Those ads are 88×31 button and show up in the “support section” of RWN for an entire month. The button ads appear on every page of RWN. If you’re interested, send $15 to my Paypal account (which is also located in the support section — please mention what the money is for in the comments section) and email me your 3kb or smaller button. If you’d like to have a button bigger than that, then contact me and we can negotiate a rate.

  1. Delta Star:
  2. Electric Venom:
  3. Ghost Of A Flea:
  4. Lex Libertas:
  5. Right Wing Nut:
  6. Right Wing Stuff:
  7. VitaminUSA:
  8. Widgets:
  9. DANEgerus Weblog:
  10. Neowhig 2004:
  11. RightNation:
  12. The Sake Of Argument:

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