Video Of The Day: A Liberal “Peace Protester” Assaults A Conservative Female Blogger

by John Hawkins | March 27, 2008 1:36 am

Yesterday[1], I mentioned that my pal Skye from Midnight Blue[2] was assaulted by a liberal “peace protestor” this week-end. The video is now out. It’s worth taking a look at it.

Update #1: From Katie O’Malley at Human Events[3],

More chillingly, last weekend a man attending a Chester County Peace Movement (CCPM) peace vigil in West Chester, Pennsylvania, assaulted a citizen journalist and blogger. At 12:10 PM, blogger “Skye” was videotaping an exchange between opposing groups. As the conversation gets both animated and heated, she shifts her filming position to capture all parties involved. The shot is abruptly cut when a fist flies at her face, she is slapped and the camera is jammed into her face. Not satisfied by the first blow, he strikes her a second time.

Nearby police intervened and the party involved was quickly pointed out by the victim and witnesses. The officer requested the suspect’s cooperation in the investigation. During his “refusal”, this lover of peace took his physical abuse past shoving a woman and shoved the officer. He was rewarded with handcuffs and removal.

Skye frequently attends events throughout the Northeast to document the multilayered story via video and stills and our paths have crossed several times. In my experience, I have known her to be respectful, professional and downright cheery. She works diligently to capture both the pro-troop and the anti-war sides of rallies.

Where are the feminists denouncing a man in their midst using his physical power to try cower a woman? Of course I am still waiting for feminists to address Bill’s approach to fringe benefits.

Where are the pithy chants touting love? Where are the hugs?

I can’t help but wonder when the lefties will give peace a chance.

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