Wait A Second, I Thought All That Ice Was Gone For Good?

by John Hawkins | February 20, 2008 7:40 am

Have you ever noticed that global warming alarmists relentlessly hype anything that they think proves their case, but then they immediately go quiet when enormous holes are blown in the key pieces of evidence that they’ve been using? Isn’t that a pretty good indication that they’re more interested in pushing political propaganda than science?

For example, how many times have you heard global warming fanatics point to the “melting ice caps” and hysterically shriek something like, “The polar bears are all drowning to death, man! Know why? Because the ice caps have almost melted! The water from all that ice is going to swamp the coasts, New York is going to be under 50 ft. of water, and we’re all going to die…and wow, this is some good acid, man! I can hear my hand talking to me about penguins!”

Well, there’s one problem[1] with that bit of global warming propaganda,

Satellite data shows that concerns over the levels of sea ice may have been premature.

It was feared that the polar caps were vanishing because of the effects of global warming.

But figures from the respected US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show that almost all the “lost” ice has come back.

Ice levels which had shrunk from 13million sq km in January 2007 to just four million in October, are almost back to their original levels.

Figures show that there is nearly a third more ice in Antarctica than is usual for the time of year.

The data flies in the face of many current thinkers and will be seized on by climate change sceptics who deny that the world is undergoing global warming.

A photograph of polar bears clinging on to a melting iceberg has become one of the most enduring images in the campaign against climate change.

It was used by former US Vice President Al Gore during his Inconvenient Truth lectures about mankind’s impact on the world. But scientists say the northern hemisphere has endured its coldest winter in decades.

They add that snow cover across the area is at its greatest since 1966.

Wait? What happened to the whole area turning from glaciers to a nice, warm broth filled with drowning polar bears flailing around haplessly in the open ocean?

At a minimum, doesn’t this suggest that we don’t have anywhere near as good a handle on global warming and its effects as the people falsely — let me repeat that, FALSELY — claiming that there is a scientific consensus on the issue say we do?

PS: From the QandO Blog comment section,

“So wait…

During the year, ice melted, and now there’s more ice?

My god, It’s like there’s a link to temp and ice formation… If only we understood it!!” — Scott Jacobs

Hat tip to The QandO Blog[2] for the story.

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