Want to Know How Much Pork Exists in the Senate Emergency Supplemental Bill?

by Kim Priestap | March 27, 2007 3:17 pm

NZ Bear got his hands on a copy and posted it here[1]. Now you can read all about the millions of dollars the Senate Dems want to funnel via our troops to support sugar beets[2] ($24 million), sugar cane[3] ($3 million) , and the University of Vermont[4]. I wonder who wanted[5] that slice of pork. And I’m sure our troops will be so heartened by the $13 million that’s going to the Ewe Lamb Replacement and Retention program[6].

Update: Keep an eye out for Senator Jim DeMint who, some time today or tomorrow, will take to the Senate floor to push for final adoption of his earmark transparency rules. The Senate approved Senator DeMint[7]‘s amendment requiring transparency to 100% of earmarks to the lobby and ethics bill, but the new rules have not yet been applied. Unfortunately, it could be quite a while before these rules see the light of day since the Senate’s bill has to be reconciled with the House’s bill.

Kim Priestap pontificates on news and politics at Wizbang[8].

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