WaPo Wonders, “Will the LDS Church’s Past Racist Doctrine Hurt Romney?”

by Duane Lester | February 1, 2012 12:12 pm

The Church of Latter Day Saint prohibited black people from being members of the priesthood until 1978 because it was believed they were the direct descendants of Cain and cursed. This prohibition was, according to this article from the Washington Post[1], a “direct commandment from the Lord.”

In 1978, the church had a revelation and the ban was lifted.

Mitt was a member of the church before and after the “revelation” and the Washington Post wants to know, “Is this going to be a problem for Mitt down the road?”

Gee, you think?!

The fact is, this isn’t a story about whether the racist history of Mitt’s church is going to be a problem. It’s the journalistic equivalent of typing, “FIRST!”[2] in a comment thread. They know this is going to be discussed, and now that Mitt has won Florida and appears to be Captain Inevitable, they want to be the first on the scene to bring attention to his faith’s problem with black skin.

It’s obvious that’s what they are doing because, A) they barely discuss the election in the article, just the history of the church’s racism, and B) everyone knows whoever Obama’s opponent is is going to be painted as a closet Klan member[3]. This part of Romney’s past will be a HUGE part of that in the coming months.

The only good part about that? After looking at what he has done to Newt in Florida and what, I personally believe, he did to Herman Cain, I think Romney et al. has the backbone to say, “You want to talk about the racism in my church? Let’s talk about the church Barry went to for 20 years then. Let’s talk about the white hate and antisemitism preached week after week by the man Obama called his ‘spiritual mentor.'”

If they don’t, they don’t deserve to win.

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