War on Women: CA Healthcare Changes Leave Woman with Terminal Disease Without Treatment Options

by Duane Lester | December 23, 2013 1:05 pm

Remember when Republicans were fighting against Obamacare and the left labeled it a “War on Women?” About that:[1]


Paradise, CA resident Tiffany St. Cyr has a rare disease that is incurable but survivable with treatment, yet she cannot get care because of healthcare changes California adopted in anticipation of Obamacare and corresponding state healthcare changes. St. Cyr is 28-years old and suffers from Achalasia.

It has made her esophagus so weak that she is unable to move food from her mouth to her stomach, basically starving her to death. The Mayo Clinic says there is no cure for the disease, but its “symptoms can usually be managed with minimally invasive (endoscopic) therapy or surgery.”

This where the healthcare changes come into play for St. Cyr. According to the Paradise Post, “St. Cyr was previously covered under no-share cost MediCal” but on November 1st “was transferred to a managed healthcare plan” that does not cover treatments for her disease.

This transfer to a managed plan took place “pursuant to AB 1467, the 2012-13 [California] State budget.”

This is what happens with a bunch of moral busy-bodies try to centrally plan something as complex as health care.


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