Wasn’t the recall important enough to attract liberal money?

The money. So far, that’s the liberal excuse #1 for “why we lost the recall.” Walker spent so much money! Case in point:

And sure, if you only look at what the candidates themselves spent, they’re right:

Overall, over $63.5 million was spent on the recall effort by various parties. Walker spent about $30 million; Barrett spent about $4 million.

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That’s Ben Shapiro, writing at Breitbart. Shapiro doesn’t softpedal the fact that lots and lots of Walker’s money came from out of state, but he also refuses to ignore the millions spent by other players. Like the unions.

As it turns out, labor unions spent an additional $21 million on the recall election.

…In terms of strict numbers, Walker spent some $30 million; Barrett and the unions spent $25 million. That’s not a 7-to-1 differential. And when you add in unions’ inherent advantage in ground game, you’re talking about a better-than-even split for Barrett.

Karl’s got more:

…according to that data, when you combine the spending of the candidates and their supporting groups, the gap shrinks to 2-to-1.

Moreover, it is a fair bet those figures do not include all of the money spent by left-leaning groups on all candidates in the recall.

More info on the money will come out over time. There were other players, after all – it wasn’t just the candidates, parties, and unions.

But in the meantime, I’ve got to ask: if Walker did have an overwhelming money advantage, why did he have it?

Why didn’t the other side come up with some money? Don’t tell me it’s not out there. The unions; Hollywood; the environmental lobby. Trial attorneys. George Soros, Haim Saban, David Gelbaum. All those liberal “grassroots” activist groups with all their anonymous donors. Where the hell were they?

Is there some reason America’s Left wasn’t all-in on recalling Scott Walker?

Don’t try to pretend you’re just a bunch of poor, destitute true-believers who forsake money for principle, all you whiny liberals. Outside liberal groups spent almost $20 million on last year’s recall elections, and that was for a handful of state senate seats. Important, but still only supporting cast! They couldn’t pull out the wallets for Scott Walker? The star of the show?


What happened to the anger? What happened to the passion? Wasn’t Scott Walker the second coming of Adolf Hitler? Madison’s Mussolini? What happened to the grassroots groundswell that was supposed to rid the world of this universally loathed Rethuglican? Wasn’t the entire working nation rejecting his hateful and divisive governance?

This wasn’t just an election. This was a cause. This should have been the easiest fundraising…ever.

But it wasn’t. For some reason, Democrats, liberals, “progressives” decided the race wasn’t worth their money. Not worth opening up the wallets!

But that’s not Scott Walker’s fault, liberals. It’s yours.

Like I said, we’ll have a better view of how much money was spent, and by whom, in time. But no matter what the final numbers are, the fact remains: liberals tried, and failed. They couldn’t pull it off, and blaming the money is just an excuse.

(Posted by The TrogloPundit.)

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