We Need Politicians Who Are More Concerned About Americans Like Ron White Than Illegal Aliens

If you want to see how these pro-illegal immigrant politicians in Washington are hurting ordinary Americans, take a look at this story about an Arizona rancher named Ron White:

Ron White sees two kinds of illegal immigrants on his ranch south of town. There are the dozens each day who simply pass through. They are a nuisance. But others, White says, are a threat – like the group that tried to order him off his horse, or the smugglers who cut his fences every full moon.

…White, 60, who has been confronted by large groups of immigrants, is convinced people are smuggling drugs across his land and has started wearing a pistol on his hip and carrying a rifle in a saddle scabbard when he rides his ranch, repairing the eight miles of fence cut at least monthly by someone he suspects is a drug smuggler.

White feels no animosity for most of those who enter the United States looking for work, though they litter his ranch with discarded clothing, backpacks and empty water jugs. White moved to the ranch about 10 years ago.

“When I moved out here we’d get five to 10 (immigrants) a month,” White said. “When they started talking about amnesty prior to the 2004 election it jumped to 50 to 100 a day.”

Now, White said, “My wife and my grandchildren can’t even leave the house and go out for a walk in the country and I can’t even ride the fence line on my ranch without an arsenal.”

White said he started packing weapons after being confronted several times by large groups over the past two years, and that some of them tried to order him off his horse. He refused, and rode away.
Before that, “I never carried a gun in my life,” he said.

“I’ve never hurt anybody in my life, but, my God, we’re scared to death.”

White said every month, about the time of a full moon, someone leads a string of pack horses across his land, cutting fences on the north and south sides of the ranch.

White said he suspects the trespasser is a drug smuggler and that the cut fences cost him $15,000 to $20,000 a year in lost cattle.

Ron White’s wife and grandchildren can’t even leave the house and White needs an “arsenal” just to defend himself on his own property? Why is that? So that some crooked business owner at a meat packing plant can get cheap labor? Because Democrats like Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy want to import a bunch of uneducated socialists into America whom they can turn into potential voters one day? Because Republican politicians have such a low opinion of Hispanic voters that they think the only way they can appeal to them is by rewarding illegals from Mexico for breaking our laws?

Well, while all this is going on, who’s looking out for Americans like Ron White? Certainly not President Bush. Certainly not members of Bush’s administration who bear responsibility for securing the border — like Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, or Julie Myers over at ICE. Certainly not Republican Senators like John McCain, Bill Frist, Arlen Specter, Sam Brownback, Mike DeWine, Mel Martinez, Chuck Hagel, or Lindsey Graham. Certainly not the Democratic Party in Washington which overwhelmingly supports flooding our country with illegals.

What we need are more politicians who put Americans first when it comes to illegal immigration. Unfortunately, outside of Republicans in the House and a few Republicans in the Senate, that message doesn’t seem to be getting through. Instead, most of our elected leaders seem obsessed with catering to illegal aliens who are uninvited and unwanted in this country by the vast majority of the American people. What they need to do is stop worrying about the illegals and start worrying about Americans like Ron White and his family.

Update #1: One of RWN’s readers, Sic_Semper_Tyrannis, has posted the Constitution Party’s position on immigration in the comments section. I could post it for you here, but there’s really no point. If only about 8 people are going to end up voting for the Constitution Party at the ballot box, does it really matter what their platform says about it?

You might as well be reading a platform written by a pimply faced 18-year-old working the late shift as Wendy’s because he has about as good a chance as anyone from the Constitution Party of getting elected.

Is that harsh? Yes. Is it also true? You bet. So, Sic_Semper_Tyrannis, think of this reply as “tough love.” The Bush/McCain/Kennedy/Reid approach may not be the answer to the problem, but neither is an utterly hopeless third party.

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