We Should Try To Make Life In America Unbearable For Illegal Aliens

In an effort to “appear” tough on illegal immigration, ICE has been talking big and doing some catch and release raids that feature big sweep ups of illegals, most of whom are quietly released instead of being deported.

Well, even though ICE is a big joke, these splashy raids have, happily, managed to frighten illegal aliens who are now afraid to play soccer or go to work because they are worried about being swept up in an ICE dragnet:

“Rumors are rampant in the city’s immigrant communities that federal agents are swooping down into neighborhoods and plucking undocumented workers from restaurants, car washes and even soccer fields.

“My employees are nervous to come to work now,” said Ana, a Woodhaven, Queens, hair salon owner who called the Daily News to report an unsubstantiated raid of a Latino food restaurant on Jamaica Ave. and 104th St. “I really don’t know what to tell them.”

The stories are not true, advocates and immigration officials say.

…The false rumors seem to have started after the federal Department of Homeland Security announced last month that it was stepping up efforts targeting employers who hire undocumented workers.

…Marc Raimondi, a spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the stories are all false and he stressed that the agency is not haphazardly targeting undocumented immigrants.

“We don’t do random sweeps – we do targeted enforcement actions,” he said. “We’ve said all along our enforcement actions are intelligence driven. They are not random.”

If ICE doesn’t do random sweeps, it’s time to start. Start hitting those soccer games, car washes, and restaurants. Let’s see some illegal aliens and the businessmen who hired them frogmarched in front of the cameras.

Why should they do that? Because when people who are breaking the law are afraid of being caught, it’s a good thing. When illegals are terrified to go to work or even go play soccer, it’s a good thing. Anything that makes life here harder for illegal aliens is a good thing because it encourages them to leave.

That’s why we should crack down on employers, empower cops to arrest illegals, get rid of the water stations in the desert, not allow their (non-American) kids to go to school here, refuse to give them driver’s licenses, stop illegals with American kids from collecting welfare on their behalf, prevent illegals caught in the United States from ever becoming citizens or working as guest workers, etc., etc., etc.

We need to make life for illegals here in American one of inconvenience, fear, and grinding poverty. Every day in America for an illegal should be absolutely miserable — because if that’s the case, they will go home and tell all their friends how unbearable it is in America for illegal aliens and that will discourage them from coming here.

Other than emergency medical care, which we shouldn’t deny to any human being, illegals should get nothing in America but a one-way ticket back to wherever it is that they came from. That’s it.

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