Weekly World News Scoop: France To Change Its Name To Stinkland

While everyone else was paying attention to the historic elections in Iraq, the Weekly World News has once again scooped everyone else by finding a historic story somehow flew under the radar not just of the Mainstream media, but of the entire blogosphere. What it is you ask? France is actually changing its name…

“In an announcement which is stunning the world, France has decided to change its name permanently to Stinkland.

The French Cabinet’s Council of Ministers unanimously voted in favor of the change, which will take effect on Bastille Day, July 14th.

According to Council spokesperson Jacques Mouffette, “Our country is so well known for its pungent aromas — our runny cheeses, spoiled meats, overflowing sewage systems, and citizens who don’t bathe or use deodorant — that we decided to capitalize upon it with the name change.”

The plan is to use the name change to spearhead a major tourism push, which will encourage travelers to visit — and spend their money — in the newly named Stinkland.

According to Mouffette, some of the advertising slogans selected so far, to be used on posters, ads, T-shirts, keychains, and commercials, include: “The Smelliest Nation in Europe Welcomes You!”…and “We’ll Pay 100,000 Francs to the First Person to Visit Stinkland Without Heaving!”

Ah. there’s nothing like mocking the insufferable and treacherous French to lighten the day!

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