Welfare For Seniors: It’s just

by John Hawkins | August 9, 2002 9:56 pm

Welfare For Seniors: It’s just disheartening to see our senior citizens standing around with their hands out demanding what is for all intents and purposes welfare from their fellow citizens for no other reason than ‘we want it and we’re old!’ These poll numbers you are about to see are a disgrace…

“The Senate’s failure to pass a Medicare prescription drug benefit[1] will be a factor for many Americans age 45 and up when they vote in November, according to a survey by the influential AARP retirees group released on Thursday

…The Senate spent much of July debating Medicare drug benefits but ended up in a partisan deadlock. The House narrowly passed a Republican-authored plan that would rely heavily on private sector insurers to offer a new benefit, an approach strongly opposed by most Democrats.

Just over a fourth said they would vote against their senator if he or she allows partisan differences to prevent passage of the legislation — a high percentage of potential single-issue voters.

…More than six in 10 surveyed were “angry” that the two parties could not reach a compromise and almost one third were “very angry.”

Keep in mind that we’re talking about legislation that will probably cost something like 50-60 BILLION dollars a year right off the bat. Furthermore, we know from experience with Medicare and Social Security that costs and the number of people covered by the program will explode in coming years. There is absolutely no one who can truthfully say that they’re for financial responsibility and keeping the deficit under control if they want this program to come to pass. Yet we have 6 out of every 10 people polled who are ‘angry’ about this legislation not being passed and 3 out of 10 who are ‘very angry’ about it. How did our society produce so many leeches who believe they’re owed a large slice of everyone else’s paycheck merely because they made it to a certain age without kicking the bucket yet? This is nothing but the fable of the “Grasshopper & the Ant” played out on a national level with people who didn’t plan well enough (if at all), who are cheap, or who are just freeloaders wanting everyone else to pay their bills. I wish more people were willing to speak out against this huge boondoggle because we’ll NEVER be able to get rid of it once it’s passed.

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