We’re Never Going To Get A Satisfactory Answer That Really Explains “Why”

by John Hawkins | April 17, 2007 2:04 pm

I’m a psych major, have read hundreds of books on psychology, and have always had a particular interest in mass murderers and serial killers. Let me tell you that even after you read this psycho’s note, you’re still not going to have any satisfactory answer that explains why he did what he did.

Any attempts to find a “why” disturbed people commit crimes like that boils down to video games, violence in our culture, rap music, porn, bad influences, etc., will always fall short because tens of millions of other people participate in those activities without becoming murderers.

When you look into the background of people who kill, you usually find a number of factors. A lot of them have bad family lives, have acted in a disturbing fashion previously, and often there’s some type of stressful incident that occurs before they “snap.” Of course, the same could be said for tens of millions of other people who went through their entire lives without harming a fly.

The truth is that these incidents usually have to do with murky associations in the brains of these kooks, their bizarre fantasy life, and a little random chance. Maybe he was failing a class. Maybe his girlfriend told him they were finished. Maybe something happened a month ago that caused him to decide to carry out these attacks this week. It really doesn’t make any difference because it’s something a normal person would just deal with, but to an extremely disturbed person like Cho Seung-Hui who doesn’t process things mentally like a normal person, it may have been the final triggering event that led to a violent rampage that he had obviously thought about quite a bit.

So, no matter what we find out about this guy, don’t ever expect to really understand the “why” behind what he did because there is not going to be a rational, logical explanation behind it.

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