What Blogs Are Republicans In Congress Reading?

by John Hawkins | March 9, 2006 10:10 am

Have you ever wondered whether anyone in Congress actually reads blogs? Well, wonder no more, because that question has now been definitively answered. Below you’ll find a list of nine members of Congress and the blogs that they regularly read and/or have their staffs monitor for them.

(A special thanks goes out to Jack Kingston’s office, Brian Walsh in Bob Ney’s office, and the other people on the Hill who helped make this post possible)

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn:[1] Hugh Hewitt[2], Kudlow’s Money Politic$[3], RedState[4], Tennessee Tax Revolt[5]

Congressman Mike Conaway:[6] Blogs For Bush[7] , Expose the Left[8], Hugh Hewitt[2], RedState[4], Right Wing News[9], QandO[10].

Senator John Cornyn:[11] Instapundit[12], Little Green Footballs[13], Mudville Gazette[14], National Review Blogs[15], Power Line[16], The Volokh Conspiracy[17]

Congressman Trent Franks:[20] Arizona Congress Watch[21], Blog For Arizona[22], Espresso Pundit[23], Expose the Left[8], NewsBusters[24], Power Line[16], RedState[4], TownHall[25], World Magazine Blog[26]

Congressman Jeb Hensarling[27]: Quorum Report[28], RedState[4]

Congressman Jack Kingston:[29] Capitol Report[30], Congressman Conaway’s Blog[31], Expose the Left[8], GOP.com[32], Hugh Hewitt[2], Human Events Online[33], Instapundit[12], Michelle Malkin[34], No Agenda[35], PoliPundit[36], Power Line[16], Peach Pundit[37], RedState[4], Right Wing News[9], The Truth Laid Bear[38], WorldWideStandard[39]

Congressman Bob Ney:[40] Althouse[41], Ankle Biting Pundits[42], Beltway Blogroll[43], Blogs For Bush[7], Buckeye State Blog[44], Captain’s Quarters[45], The Corner[46], Daily Kos[47], Eschaton[48], Expose the Left[8], The Fix[49], GOP Bloggers[50], The Hotline’s Blogmeter[51], Hugh Hewitt[2], The Huffington Post[52], Instapundit[12], Lincoln Logs[53], Little Green Footballs[13], Michelle Malkin[34], MyDD[54], Ohio 2006 Blog[55], Plunderbund[56], PoliPundit[36], Power Line[16], RedState[4], Right Angle Blog[57], Right Wing News[9], Suitably Flip[58], Talking Points Memo[59], TownHall[25], The Truth Laid Bear[38], Weapons Of Mass Discussion[60], Wizbang![61]

Congressman Mike Pence:[62] The Club For Growth Blog[63], The Corner[46], Government Bytes[64], The National Taxpayers Union[65], RedState[4], TownHall[25]

Congressman Joe Wilson:[66] SCHotline[67]

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