What Could Be More Funny Than Going On A Republican Killing Spree?

You ready for a little humor folks? Well, prepare yourself for the comedy stylings of Pat Rothfuss, a teacher at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Make sure you’re not sitting down so you can keel over with laughter as you read this…

“Pat Rothfuss, a University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point faculty member, has been writing his sarcastic, satirical column in UWSP’s student newspaper for years.

He started “Your College Survival Guide” while still a UWSP student, continued writing while away at graduate school and has kept up the column since becoming an associate lecturer of English.

The column, which Rothfuss pens under his own name and describes as “about 80 percent stupid humor,” is an outlet for an almost fictionalized, crazed version of himself as the perpetual student, he said. Irreverent advice from past columns, which are published in The Pointer, UWSP’s student newspaper, has included everything from corporate America to voodoo and prostitution.

But a group of students from the UWSP College Republicans organization wasn’t laughing Nov. 4 when a post-election Rothfuss column included phrases like “punching smug-looking Republicans in the mouth” and “key every car you see with a Bush bumper sticker.” The column’s premise was that Rothfuss was drunk while writing to himself, and it suggested, “why don’t you go on a killing spree? I pet you can take out fixteen for sisteen republicans beofre they gun you down. Duke, youd’ be like a heroe.”

Ha, ha, ha, going on a “a killing spree,” “punching smug-looking Republicans,” and keying cars with “Bush bumper sticker(s),” oh the HILARITY! If you look at his actual column, you’ll also see that he also calls the people who voted for Bush “retarded” & refers to America as a “pitiufl deluded sh*thol of a country”. Is this guy funnier than Carrot Top or what (wait, don’t answer that). Someone call Showtime at the Apollo, I think they have a headliner for next week.

Of course, the mirthless College Republicans at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point didn’t understand the comedic genius of Pat Rothfuss and complained, but they got nowhere….

“The issue isn’t Rothfuss’ right to free speech, some College Republicans have said, but rather the appropriateness of a faculty member making such statements. Conservative or Republican students might feel uncomfortable or intimidated expressing their opinions in Rothfuss’ classes, said College Republican Josh Schroeder.

“I understood that he wasn’t being serious,” Schroeder said. “But I also feel that if someone with a conservative point of view would have said anything half as incredulous in a satire article, … we would have had the book thrown at us.”

But Rothfuss maintains that his teaching persona and column-writing persona should be kept separate. He refused to apologize for the incident, a request made but then retracted by organization vice president Aaron Michels. Michels wrote a response to Rothfuss’ column – minus the original apology request – in a letter to the editor published in The Pointer. Rothfuss also attended a College Republicans meeting to discuss the issue.”

Come on you College Republicans, you’re being too sensitive. Why, if you’d written a “comedy piece” that suggested keying the cars of faculty members, punching them in the mouth, and shooting 15 or 16 of them, why I’m sure they wouldn’t have immediately expelled you, they would have just laughed and laughed and laughed!

But, you know what’s going to be really funny? Right Wing News is a pretty good sized website and I’m sure there will be more than a few links to this post. Fast forward a month or two and when people do a search for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, you know like Republican Alumni who are thinking about donating or Republican parents who are wondering where to send their kids, this post should be fairly close to the top.

That means those Republicans will learn that members of the faculty publicly joke about murdering people like them and that’s apparently A-OK at UWSP! Personally, I expect that some of those folks may consider another school or place to send their money, perhaps one where the teachers don’t consider America to be a “pitiufl deluded sh*thol of a country”. Now that’s my idea of funny…

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