What I Was Listening To In January

by John Hawkins | February 1, 2006 8:11 am

In the past, to inspire people to suggest new music that I might be interested in and just for entertainment’s sake, I’ve posted the music I was currently listening to on RWN. Now, thanks to wonders of modern technology, I can now tell you which songs I listened to the most over the last month.

Here’s the list for January…

12) Weezer: Beverly Hills
12) Our Lady Peace: 4 AM
12) Nickelback: Someday
12) Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
12) Eve 6: Beautiful Oblivion
9) Papa Roach: Last Resort
9) Nine Inch Nails: Only
9) James Marsters: Rest in Peace
6) Chemical Brothers: Galvanize
6) Snow Patrol: Run
6) Ok Go: Invincible
5) Saliva: Always
4) Johnny Cash: Hurt
2) Seether: Out of My Way
2) Fall Out Boy: Sugar We’re Going Down
1) John Cena: Bad, Bad Man

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