What if McCain Chooses Fred Thompson for VP?

by John Stephenson | February 6, 2008 10:59 pm

I ask the question because it isn’t out of the question. They are good friends with a history. It would be a smart move on the Maverick’s part to stilt up his lacking on conservative credentials. Could Thompson serve as the conservative concience? The ideological gravitas? Even…power behind the throne? How would the conservative base/blogosphere react?

Serious thought[1] from Scott Ott:[2]

Bring Fred Thompson on as vice president to serve as the Constitutional conscience of the administration — an ideological gravitas behemoth — who can do for President McCain what Dick Cheney has done for President Bush on foreign policy. Behind the scenes, Vice President Thompson offers President McCain private counsel, guided by our Founding Fathers, without drawing attention to himself. Mr. Thompson seems eminently qualified for such a role, eschewing publicity and advancing the cause which impelled him to mount his own White House bid.

But seriously…it is a possibility. Would it alter any factor on you pulling the lever for McCain?

More thoughts here[3]

Another option: JC Watts[4]

Meanwhile: Bush rules![5]

Hat tip: Reynolds[6]

Already lots of interesting comments at STACLU[7]…ranging from:

It would be brilliant, and a winning strategy.


I just read the title of this post to my husband, and his response? “I’d pray for McCain’s health to fail quickly!”

How rude of him! Heh. no no no not nice!

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