What the Second Offer Says to the GOP and About Obama

With Memorial Day weekend signifying a semi-defeat of the Obama Administration as they admitted offering a position to Democrat Senatorial candidate Joe Sestak in exchange for dropping out of his race against Democrat Golden Boy Arlen Specter, before the event could even attempt to reach the news archives a related admission was raised.:  Former House Speaker and current Senatorial Candidate Andrew Romanoff recently announced he too was given such a bid by the current administration as soon as he announced his candidacy.

Currently running against White House favorite Michael Benett, Romanoff recently reported that he was given an opportunity to jump the electoral ship in exchange for a job.:  After beginning his campaign, he first received a phone call discussing how he would be going through this campaign without White House support and that three positions may possibly be available to him if he changed his mind.

The caller, White House deputy Press Secretary Jeff Messina, followed up the: discussion with an email: detailing the three positions. All of which were in an organization Romanoff attempted to get a position from before his candidacy. This is a factor White House Press: Secretary Robert Gibbs is attempting to use as an excuse by presenting his application to show how, if any discussion occurred,: the topic: was to measure any remaining interest in the candidate and hence no offer was given.

Once again we are seeing that our current administration plays by their own rules and nothing more.

Granted, this is a horrid situation for any administration to be involved in.:  However, one must realize this is also a situation brought within a certain President who during his election continually dismissed any corrupt political ideals and spouted real “Change” instead of the usual Washington goings on.: :  The only problem with that is, since actions always speak louder than words, President Obama once again shows he is not who he says he is.

On the other side of the aisle, this should show the Republican party that, for lack of a better word, they are on the right track. Even before primary season commenced, the Obama Administration feared the loss of their power enough to once again alter the rules in their favor. This is going to reflect a worse response than the elections themselves would have because, as we are becoming a nation of people who do their own research, many prospective voters are not going to like what they see.

Nonetheless, this is just another avenue where our President is attempting to keep control for nothing more than power.:  Neil Cavuto broke the story on Fox News alongside former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino who stated that the response would be welcoming a full disclosure and unbiased review.:  This is something that the Administration will not agree to considering the current political scene as well as the upcoming elections although it may if accepted bring about an aspect of Obama he once said was him in entirety: An Open Governmental Leader.

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