Wheels Are Coming Off Obamessiah’s Chariot

It looks like America might not be willing to slit its wrists on the media’s command after all. USA Today ruefully admits that McCain leads the flagging Wizard of Uhs by 10 points among those most likely to vote, largely thanks to Saracuda having put an end to the enthusiasm gap.

As we go into the final stretch, the hype will fade, and people will take a closer look at The One. The media will not be able to hide the lifelong associations with communists, terrorists, and racist demagogues that have shaped the ideology he offers in lieu of job qualifications. It will also be difficult to continue to pass off two of the three most extreme leftists in the Senate as bridge-builders with any capacity to unite the nation. Having virtually no experience and conspicuously poor judgment, Obama will make ever more embarrassing mistakes as panic sets in, and the media won’t be able to keep them all from the public.

Obama’s poll results have been inflated, because people have been duped into thinking it’s “racist” not to say you’ll support the affirmative action candidate. In the privacy of the voting both, many presumed Obama supporters are going to remember that they have to live in this country.

Democrats nearly always have big leads in the polls over the summer, even when they get their clocks cleaned in November. Even the risible Michael Dukakis was predicted to win in July 1988.

All things considered, a 10% lead by McCain now could translate to the kind of blowout we haven’t seen since Reagan wiped the floor with Mondale in 1984. America isn’t dead yet.

On his way down.

On a tip from Burning Hot. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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