When Feminists Attack Powerful Women

by Kathleen McKinley | October 5, 2010 10:33 pm

By now you have probably read or seen in the news all you ever wanted to know about Meg Whitman, Republican running for Governor in California, and her illegal housekeeper/nanny. Here, another employer who worked for Whitman for a couple of months years ago, gives her opinion on the matter[1].

I find it interesting that feminists like Gloria Allred are on the side of smearing Whitman when you would think feminists like her would be on the side of asking the question, “Why is it that only women politicians (and only GOP ones at that) are asked about their household help?” Remember when Linda Chavez withdrew as President-elect Bush’s nominee to be Secretary of Labor because reporters had discovered that she had had illegal help years earlier?

When both spouses work full time, isn’t the household and the kids BOTH their responsibility? Yet, no reporter or lawyer digs into the male politician’s domestic help list. It’s always the woman.

I’m thinking that if they did, they would probably not only find illegals working all over the place, but also quite a few disgruntled workers as well. But no, let’s just keep digging at “the powerful woman.” I bet Sarah Palin thanks God every day that she never had to hire a nanny. Gloria Allred would have already had that juicy client safe in a house in the Bahamas before Palin could have made her first national speech at the Republican National Convention. To feminists like Allred, the political agenda is so much more important than the idea that women should be allowed to work full time, AND be able to trust the women who take care of their children.

Imagine the message this is sending out to teenage and young adult women? Hire a nanny at your own risk! They could easily come back to haunt you, and feminist lawyers will help them do it!

Shouldn’t feminism be about helping strong powerful women, not attacking them?

  1. her opinion on the matter: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/10/04/MNJB1FO3BR.DTL&tsp=1

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