Who Knew? MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Admits On-Air: ‘I Am a Socialist’

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Via The Blaze.

This is just part of the larger MSNBC commie catfight bewtween O’Donnell and Glenn Greenwald:

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God this is wonderful.

Matt Lewis has the background, “‘Morning Joe’ Battle: Lawrence O’Donnell vs. Glenn Greenwald,” and he notes:

… the larger debate here is over whether Democrats will view the 2010 midterm elections as evidence they misread their mandate and over-reached after 2008 — or if they will view it as evidence they moderated too much after 2008.

And never one to miss having the last word, Rick Ellensburg has more, “Lawrence O’Donnell vehemently denies his own words.” In a couple of thousand words, Ellensburg regurgitates the line that “Democrats weren’t socialist enough.” This is essentially the left’s pathology of defeat and denial. For the ace rebuttal, see William Galston, “It’s the Ideology, Stupid.”


More great commentary and analysis throughout the evening, at American Power.

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