Who’s Up For The Green Police?

by William Teach | April 23, 2012 10:52 am

They aren’t living in my head. Here’s one from a couple days ago, via Climate Depot[1]

(The Constitution Club[2]) Sleep well tonight, America. The ever-vigilant Obama Regime stands at red alert in its unflinching effort to protect you, your loved ones and life as you know it. From “climate change” and “melting Arctic ice.” Uh huh.: The epic battle is: on – and O’s Army is all over it — just like Dennis Quaid in: The Day After Tomorrow[3]. Where would our nation be were it not for Barack Hussein Obama’s extraordinary aptitude for keeping his priorities straight? Other countries should be so fortunate.

Not a minute too soon, the Department of Homeland Security has announced that it is creating: “environmental justice” units that will be empowered to oversee regulations in conjunction with local governments throughout the country.: The framework for the: Environmental Justice Working Group includes: eleven federal government agencies, including the TSA, the: Secret Service and FEMA. Go big or go home, right?

In its just-released: Environmental Justice Strategy[4] document, the DHS says the idea is to “include environmental justice practices in our larger mission efforts involving federal law enforcement and emergency response activities” and to incorporate environmental justice in “securing the homeland.” Roll that around in your head for awhile:

“Federal law enforcement” agents conducting “emergency response activities” in the name of “environmental justice” for the purpose of “securing the homeland.” The Green Police. Oh. My. God.

Lest you think these people are crazy as a loon, (which they are), here’s the official explanation from the Regime:

Our nation’s vision of homeland security is a homeland that is safe and secure, resilient against terrorism: and other hazards – where American interests and aspirations, and the: American way of life can thrive. In seeking to fulfill this vision, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) aspires to avoid: burdening minority and low-income populations with a disproportionate share of any adverse human health or environmental risks associated with our efforts to secure the nation.

Yet another reason to vote out this disgrace of a POTUS this November.

And over in Europe, No Tricks Zone[5] points out they plan to launch a satellite to “hunt down climate violators.”

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