Why Are We Asking Illegal Aliens What They Think About The Immigration Bill?

The AFP has gone out to ask illegal aliens what they think of the new bill — which is an interesting concept in and of itself — asking criminals what they think of the new laws designed to deal with the problem they’re causing. What’s next? Will we be asking carjackers and drunk drivers what they think of new laws that deal with the crimes they’re committing?


“Francisco Gimenez risked his life to get into United States. He is not planning to leave in a hurry.

Like many members of Los Angeles’ immigrant community, the 27-year-old butcher is skeptical about proposed legislation intended to offer illegal workers a path to citizenship.

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Under reforms announced last week, Gimenez would be required to return to Mexico at some point in order to secure the right to work legally in the United States, possibly paying up to 5,000 dollars in fines additionally.

Gimenez fears however that once he leaves America he won’t be allowed back in. “I don’t really understand that much about the bill, but I’d have to be crazy to go back to Mexico to apply for visa now that I am already in the US,” he says. “They wouldn’t give me a visa there.”

Persuading workers like Gimenez that is in their interests to leave appears to be one of the biggest challenges facing US authorities, as they try to bring the country’s 12-million strong illegal labor force out of the shadows.

In factories, markets, car-washes and laundromats, illegal workers in Los Angeles Hispanic community the same refrain: “Going home is not an option.”

…Gimenez’ employer, Jose Luis Rojas, an illegal immigrant who acquired permanent residency and citizenship after Ronald Reagan’s 1986 amnesty, is confident that a solution is only a matter of time.

“I came to America as an illegal worker and now I’m a citizen,” Rojas said. “That’s why I say to them just be patient.”

Rojas said he is relaxed about the possibility of immigration authorities raiding his business.

“I’m not worried about immigration raids,” the 46-year-old said. “If they’re going to do that they are going to do it at the big textile factories, where they have 40 or 50 illegal workers at a time.”

…Gimenez echoed Villalta’s concern — and said he expected agricultural workers entering the country on seasonal visas would quite likely end up over-staying in any case.

“The work permit program is for people who want to come here for the first time — it doesn’t offer anything for people that are already here,” he said. “And anyway, a Mexican farmer who comes here on a 10-month permit is going to stay here permanently anyway.”

Isn’t it fascinating how the press can track these guys down, but ICE can’t. Here’s an idea: have ICE agents go to Hispanic neighborhoods across the country next week pretending to be reporters and asking for illegal aliens to comment for a story. Then, you get 10-15 people walking up to try to get their names in the papers and bam, you slap the cuffs on them. They could round up thousands of illegals like that and as an added bonus, the liberals in the press would holler at the top of their lungs about it.

Setting that aside, note this guy and his employer are both so unconcerned about the long arm of the law that they’re commenting for the press. You know what we should be seeing tomorrow? A story about ICE swooping down on Jose Luis Rojas’ business, frogmarching him off to jail in handcuffs, and deporting Gimenez and every other illegal they can find on the premises.

One more thing: note that Giminez is basically saying that he intends to keep working illegally whether this bill passes or not — and that’s exactly what will happen. We’ll end up giving millions of illegals an amnesty, we’ll have millions more flooding into the country and faking documents to get in on it, we’ll have guest workers, and we’ll have millions more illegal aliens that will undercut both American workers and the guest workers, who will, after being legalized, be more expensive than illegals.

Until we put some teeth behind these laws and force employers to stop giving jobs to people like Francisco Gimenez, we’re never going to make any progress in fixing the illegal alien problem.

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