Why Do Conservatives Dislike African-Americans?

by Frank J. | September 22, 2008 8:43 am

Hello. I’m Frank J. from the Rational Policy Institute. I’ve done a lot of study of conservatives, and this presidential election has been especially enlightening about right-leaning Americans and their attitudes towards minorities.

They don’t like them. Especially African-Americans.

The lack of support by conservatives for U.S. Senator Barack Obama, the first African-American nominated by a major party, is astounding. Most conservatives seem offended by the idea that they aren’t supporting Obama because of the color of his skin, often yelling many ethnic slurs in response. Still, when I asked conservatives what they don’t like about Obama, not one of them was able to name a policy difference. None came out and said they won’t vote for Obama because of his minority status, but every thing they did mention seemed like a cover for their dislike of Obama’s skin color such as:

“I don’t like how he’s was a community organizer.”

“I just don’t like how he makes me feel.”

“It makes me uncomfortable that his wife and children are black.”

Again, no direct mention of his skin color, but one could just feel that was their real concern. And when I pressed them on what they feared from an Obama presidency, the main concern was whether there would be an inventory of the silverware before he moved into the White House.

So are all conservative voting decisions made from dislike of other races? Issues like immigration certainly are decided on conservatives’ hate of other skin colors, but sometimes they vote because of greed and fear that are unrelated to race. Also, they vote based on hatred of homosexuals. Still, in this presidential election, race seems to be the foremost concern of conservatives due to the race of Barack Obama. The popularity of small town mayor Sarah Palin helps illuminate this. Normally, one would find it odd that anyone would be excited about someone with no credible experience, but it makes sense in light of the dislike for Obama and his race. When conservatives were asked why they like Palin, the common answers were:

“Look how fair she is.”

“She is so bright. Especially her skin.”

“She’s not black.”

When pressed on how they could support someone with no relevant experience who has never organized a community or voted on important bills, they kept referring back to how light her skin was. A couple did express some concerns, though, that her husband is a “filthy eskimo.”

This is certainly a problem, and I know many parents must be concerned that their own children could become conservatives. Some think that conservatism could be a genetic problem, probably on a recessive gene making it a common result of inbreeding. Others think that conservatism could happen in early childhood development. If this concerns you, watch your child’s choice of costume this coming Halloween. If your child enjoys dressing up a ghost, be wary that his like of wearing sheets could last into adulthood causing him to gravitate towards conservatism.

As for current conservatives, more effort needs to be made to get them to confront the racism that makes up most of their views. Hopefully, some progress can be made on this before an Obama presidency is denied to the world.

Frank J. writes at IMAO.us[1], one of the leading blogs for progressive thought and expressing solidarity with Chairman Mao.

  1. IMAO.us: http://imao.us

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