Why do Wisconsin liberals want so badly to overturn Gov. Walker’s reforms NOW?

by TrogloPundit | November 13, 2011 5:47 pm

Because the longer they stay in effect, the better they’ll work.

Earlier this week, I wrote about a survey[1] which, according to Wisconsin’s educracy, concluded that Governor Walker’s reforms are destroying public education in Wisconsin.

Governor Walker responded: um, you better take a closer look at your own numbers, guys.

And now, a small update. This was one of the major finds in that survey:

Four in 10 students attend a district with larger class sizes in grades K-6;

Wow, forty percent. That’s a lot of districts with larger class sizes. But wait: look at the results from a similar survey taken in 2009[2]:

Administrators reported having to cut and reduce programs crucial to student success. Nearly 70 percent of superintendents said class sizes increased last year

Seventy percent in 2009, forty percent in 2011.

Refresh my memory: who was in charge in 2009? Right. Democrats. Across the board.

Are things perfect for schools in Wisconsin? Hardly. But they’re getting better. And if we can prevent Democrats from overturning Governor Walker’s reforms for the next few years — to really give them a chance to work — they’ll get better still.

Which is, of course, why Democrats want so badly to overturn them now.

  1. Earlier this week, I wrote about a survey: http://troglopundit.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/wisconsin-public-schools-walker-reforms-aren%e2%80%99t-working-governor-walker-oh-yes-they-are/
  2. from a similar survey taken in 2009: http://www.weac.org/news_and_publications/09-04-14/Wisconsin_students_losing_out_under_revenue_controls.aspx

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