Why I Am Starting To Root For Hillary + A Short Round-Up On The State Of The Democratic Race

by John Hawkins | January 17, 2008 12:06 pm

Originally, I was rooting for Barack Obama to beat Hillary in the Democratic primaries because she’s such a corrupt, detestable, dishonest woman who acts as if she’s some kind of feminist icon despite the fact that everything she has achieved in her life has been based on riding her husband’s coattails.

However, it is getting to the point where a Hillary victory would just be too delicious not to root for. Her cloak of inevitability has been torn off, her husband is lying so shamelessly that even liberals are publicly taking notice of it, and after her campaign has stooped to race baiting to beat Obama, a Hillary victory over Barack might just make a lot of black Americans angry enough to reconsider their blind support for the Democratic Party.

Plus, having Hillary as the nominee would certainly make fundraising for GOP candidates a lot easier.

So, go Hillary go…

PS: Obama has a significant lead in South Carolina, Nevada is a toss-up, and Hill is way up in Florida. Nationally, Hillary has a lead, too.

So, if Hillary can capture Nevada, that probably slows Obama down enough to keep him from winning Florida. If Hillary wins Nevada and Florida, she probably goes into Super Tuesday with a decent national polling lead and comes out well ahead.

On the other hand, if Obama can win Nevada and South Carolina, it may give him enough momentum to win Florida. If he wins Florida, too, he probably zooms ahead in national polling and comes out ahead of Hillary after Super Tuesday.

Long story short, the fact that Hillary looks to be up significantly in Florida is a problem for Barack because the winner will get a nice boost before Super Tuesday and conceivably, even if Obama won Nevada and South Carolina, she might be able to hold on and win Florida.

Still, time will tell and in an election cycle this unpredictable, you never know who’ll end up on top.

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