Why is the Justin Ross Harris child left in hot car death a national story? Is it because he’s a White Southerner?

by Samuel Gonzalez | July 9, 2014 7:23 am

Last week Florida mother Inakesha Armou[1]r, who is Black tried to kill her own child by drowning him. : It was the second time she tried to kill her baby–her first attempt she tried killer[2]giving him an overdose of cough medicine.


Her story didn’t go national.

Today a 15month old boy[3] left in a hot car, alone, died. It’s a tragedy that’s very common. So much so that in the past five years 151 children have died as a result of being left alone in a sweltering automobile. That’s roughly an average of 32 deaths a year or two a month.


So why is the case in Georgia being treated as if it’s a unique incident? My suspicion is that it’s all about a media template that is critical of Southern White males being the cause of all trouble going on in this country as far as the Leftist media is concerned. : Justin Ross Harris may or may not have committed murder. That’s up for a jury to decide. But, the attention he’s getting is very telling and a agenda-driven media is out for their pound of flesh for a very common crime.

Kid andCars.Org[4]

Fact Sheet


Below is a summary of the information KidsAndCars.org has been gathering for over a decade.
– Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2014: : 16
– Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2013: : 44
– Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2012: : 33
– Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2011 :: 33
– Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2010: : 49
– Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2009: : 33
– Child vehicular heat stroke deaths through 2013:: well over 719
– Average number of child vehicular heat stroke deaths per year since 1998: 38 (one every 9 days)
– The highest number of fatalities for a one-year time period took place in 2010: 49


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