Why Would This Be Sold At A College Republicans National Convention?

I have learned that this t-shirt was sold at the College Republicans National Convention.

That is just ridiculous and the excuse for it was lame…

“David Joyslin, spokesman for the College Republican National Committee, said his group had nothing to do with the T-shirts, and was unfamiliar with the company that sold them.

“We sold over 50 tables to vendors. We didn’t monitor every single product of every single vendor,” Joyslin said. “Obviously our organization wouldn’t endorse any statements of the sort that I saw on the Internet.”

Excuse me, but if they’re selling their products at your convention you SHOULD BE monitoring every product, every single vendor is selling because it reflects on your organization. How much trouble is it to send a couple of guys around to check what the vendors are selling, especially given that this sort of thing has been an issue before? Having a shirt like this at a College Republican National Committee reflects badly on EVERYONE in the GOP even if it’s condemned after the fact.

Last but not least, the sentiment reflected on that shirt could be fairly interpreted as an endorsement of genocide and I find that to be sickening & repulsive. All Muslims are not our enemies and anyone who believes that is the case is simply wrong. Even rabid foes of radical Islam like Daniel Pipes, Charles Johnson, & Ann Coulter would disagree with what that t-shirt says and I do too.

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