WikiLeaks’ Dishonesty and Hypocrisy

by Donald Douglas | December 3, 2010 9:17 pm

The latest WikiLeaks dump could be breaking a record for provoking debate. I’ve said a lot already. But I’m thinking back to how badly the MFM and progressive manchild bloggers got beat on the Apache video last April. Jawa Report was doing yeoman’s work, for example, “For The Idiots Who Still Say There Was no RPG — UPDATED: Wiki Leak as Left Wing Propaganda[1].”

Liars and hypocrites. And lots more in the news. For example, at The Guardian‘s reader-response interview, Julian Assange refused to answer this question[2]:


I am a former British diplomat. In the course of my former duties I helped to coordinate multilateral action against a brutal regime in the Balkans, impose sanctions on a renegade state threatening ethnic cleansing, and negotiate a debt relief programme for an impoverished nation. None of this would have been possible without the security and secrecy of diplomatic correspondence, and the protection of that correspondence from publication under the laws of the UK and many other liberal and democratic states. An embassy which cannot securely offer advice or pass messages back to London is an embassy which cannot operate. Diplomacy cannot operate without discretion and theprotection of sources. This applies to the UK and the UN as much as the US.

In publishing this massive volume of correspondence, Wikileaks is not highlighting specific cases of wrongdoing but undermining the entire process of diplomacy. If you can publish US cables then you can publish UK telegrams and UN emails.

My question to you is: why should we not hold you personally responsible when next an international crisis goes unresolved because diplomats cannot function.

Julian ASS-ange

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PREVIOUSLY: “Progressive Manchildren and WikiLeaks[3].”

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