Wisconsin unionist Democrat lawmaker gets sweet deal on his house from shady corporation

Kevin Binversie, reporting for the Wisconsin Reporter, has what ought to be a huge story:

Earlier revelations about state Rep. Fred Clark, D-Baraboo, being engaged to the executive director of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters have sparked continued investigation into his primary residence.

Clark is running in a recall election against Sen. Luther Olsen, one of the Republican lawmakers who stood with Governor Walker against the government unions earlier this year. Now for the bombshell:

Wisconsin Reporter has uncovered Clark transferred ownership of his Baraboo home to a “Heavenly Hills LLC” on or around April 15 for $320,000. But according to property tax assessments, the residence was valued between $166,000 to $217,000.

That’s quite an impressive haul for a struggling housing market.

Impressive indeed. And there’s more:

The registered agent of the limited liability company — for which there is no website — is Jeffrey Butwinick, a St. Paul, Minn.-based bankruptcy lawyer and non-resident of Wisconsin. According to records from the Wisconsin Department of Financial Information, Heavenly Hills LLC was incorporated on April 5, just 10 days before ownership of Clark’s Baraboo area home was transferred to the company.

A company appears, and ten days later pays twice the market value for a liberal Democrat lawmaker waging a union-run assault on a Republican incumbent. Huh. What a coincidence?

But wait, there’s more:

Even more interesting is that Butwinick filed the LLC’s registrant office as 258 Troon Court in the border town of Hudson.

According to property records, the Hudson address doesn’t belong to Butwinick, but is the private residence owned by Gloria M. Wahrenbrock.

And guess what! Ms. Wahrenbrock never heard of them!


Repeated calls to the Fred Clark campaign for comment regarding his relationship to Heavenly Hills LCC were not returned. Calls seeking explanation about his relationship to Jeffrey Butwinick or if he was now paying rent on his Baraboo home where he still lives – according to his GAB recall campaign filings — also were not returned.

To recap: Fred Clark sold his home for twice its market value, to a brand new company registered under a false address, but is still living in the house.

I’m sure that last part isn’t unheard of: selling property you own and becoming a renter, instead (if he is, in fact, paying rent). But to an out-of-state corporation using a false address? For twice the property’s value?

Naturally, Kevin Binversie and the Wisconsin Reporter are the only ones reporting this right now. The recall election is on Tuesday – we’ll see whether any other media picks it up. You know where my money is.

Posted by The TrogloPundit.

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