With Bloomberg Out, Candidates Vie To Woo His Supporter — Satire By Scott Ott

With New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg today definitively rejecting a 2008 White House bid, Republican and Democrat presidential hopefuls alike scrambled to woo the unnamed Bloomberg supporter.

Speculation among political pundits had run rampant in recent days as the trans-party politician made public remarks positioning himself first in the middle of the road and then on the shoulder of the road, in apparent preparation for a presidential announcement.

The unnamed Bloomberg supporter said he has not thrown his weight behind any of the existing or potential presidential hopefuls, preferring instead to remain, like Mr. Bloomberg, uncommitted.

A flash poll by Rasmussen shows that the Bloomberg pre-announcement withdrawal has yet to leave a void in the presidential field.

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This satire was used with ther permission of Scrappleface.

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