[Update] With Two Weeks Left in Summer, Obama Finally Vacations in Gulf; Just in Time for Back to School

by SusanAnne Hiller | August 15, 2010 1:41 pm

Update: So lame, so absolutely lame[1]: I have to give Doug at Michelle Malkin’s site kudos for: his work nailing the MSM.

With summer drawing to a close and most people having already taken or planned their vacations for this summer, this latest lame attempt by Obama to give the illusion he actually cares about the US Gulf coast, the people, and their businesses falls flat.:  After taking serious heat in July for a vacation to Maine and Michelle’s: lavish vacation to Spain, this 27-hour quickie[2] (no worries, The One will take a real: 10-day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard next week) will be seen for what it is by America–a token drive by.

If Obama truly wanted to help the Gulf residents and the tourism industry, then he would have planned his weekend getaway at the Gulf instead of Maine and people would have had a month and a half to plan a trip there.:  With schools already in session in some districts and most others starting at August’s end, families are gearing up for back to school at this point.:  The Gulf states could have benefited greatly the same way Maine: saw a: boost to its economy[3].

This is just more evidence of the contempt and tone-deafness of Obama and his administration.:  Here’s hoping that the Gulf experiences a boost this late in the summer season.

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