Would you let your daughter date Mohammed?

by John Hawkins | November 28, 2006 5:51 am

Let’s take Jesus: 33-years-old, still lives with Mom. But the guy knows a trade, likes children and seems pleasant enough. The hair we can live with.

Buddha: Fat. Bald. Sleeps a lot. Again, though, nice personality. Used to be prince, which is a definite plus.

Krishna: She brought him home for Thanksgiving her first year at college. The one with the eyeliner, the orange clothes and the flute. OK once you get to know him.

Mohammed: Swarthy. Illiterate. Kills people. Basically we’re talking O.J. without the Heisman. Even if you could overlook the whole nine-year-old girl thing, the guy is a definite “no”.

(Via RelapsedCatholic[1]: violating Canadian hate speech laws since 2000.)

  1. RelapsedCatholic: http://www.relapsedcatholic.blogspot.com

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