Would You Prefer To See George Bush Step Down So That Dick Cheney Could Take Over?

by John Hawkins | November 16, 2006 8:55 am

So last night, I tuned into the local conservative talk radio station and Michael Savage’s show was on. Now, I’m not a fan of Savage, but a caller said something interesting. He said that he wished that Bush would resign so that Cheney could take over.

Now of course, that’s not likely to happen, but I thought it would be interesting to pose the question on RWN. We don’t have “no confidence” votes in this country, but this would basically amount to the same thing.

So, in the comments section, if you’d PREFER to see George Bush step down and Dick Cheney take over as President, please say so. If not, say that. Again, it’s not likely that this would happen, but I view this as a way to see where George Bush really stands with the base right now (1 post/vote per person and liberals, please do me a favor and don’t comment in this one. This one is for conservatives only).

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