Yo! Hasselhoff Raps

by John Hawkins | September 21, 2005 3:26 pm

Apparently, I’ve been transported to some sort of alternative dimension or parallell universe because in the humdrum reality I’ve always known, nothing this wacky could possibly occur[1]:

“Ice-T is to produce David Hasselhoff’s first hip-hop album.

…Ice-T, who was one of the first real hip-hop stars in the late 1980s, said: “The man is a legend. And we are going to show a whole new side of him.”

The rapper is said to be convinced that the 51-year-old for Knight Rider and Baywatch actor can take on the biggest names in rap, reports The Sun.

Ice-T added: “He’s gonna come out as Hassle The Hoff – I promise you. The Hoff will surprise people with his rap skills and humour.”

Hasselhoff & Ice-T are getting together to make music? What’s next? Ruth Westheimer teaming up with LLCoolJ? William Shatner partnering with Ice Cube? Lee Iacocca & Snoop Dogg getting together to do Chrysler commercials? Oh wait….

This may sound like a disaster in the making, especially if Hasselhoff were to do a cover of Ice-T’s Cop Killer[2], but you know what might help out? Building Hasselhoff’s street cred by putting a picture like this on the cover:

Now that would be shizzly snizzly dizzly fizzly mah nizzle wizzle kerchizle fershizzlehizzle hajizzle my coulterlizzle!

Hat tip to Ace of Spades HQ[3] for the story.

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