You May Want To Sit Down Because I Am About To Compliment A Member Of The MSM

by John Hawkins | September 20, 2006 10:45 am

As a general rule, if the mainstream media is discussed on RWN, they’re being beaten like a bongo drum at…..ehr, somewhere they hit bongo drums a lot. But, for once, let me single out an article for praise. It’s a piece by James Healy at USA Today[1]. Here’s the key excerpt:

“A hefty 42% of Americans polled over the weekend said they think fuel prices are being manipulated by the Bush administration to help Republicans in an election year. The USA TODAY/Gallup Poll has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

Petroleum analysts say the reasons are less Machiavellian: Supplies are above average, partly because summer’s high prices attracted record imports. Hurricanes haven’t knocked out Gulf of Mexico production. U.S. regulations permit a cheaper-to-make fuel blend in fall and winter.

Without a shadow of a doubt, there is not any manipulation, and it has nothing to do with the approaching election, says Peter Beutel, head of energy-price consultant Cameron Hanover. The petroleum market is too big a market to manipulate. The price just … could not sustain itself.”

Healy mentions that 42% of Americans incorrectly think that the Bush administration is somehow manipulating the price of gas, which obviously isn’t correct.

Then note what Healy did here or more accurately, what he didn’t do.

— He didn’t just leave the 42% number hanging out there.

— He didn’t grab a conspiracy kook to say, “Yeah man, Bush was like an oil man. So, he like knows how to deal with oil and stuff.”

— He didn’t quote some partisan Democrat ripping Bush.

Instead, he just politely pointed out that the 42% of people who believe that are completely wrong and he offered up an expert that explained why.

Nice job USA Today….for once.

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