You Put Your Left Foot

by John Hawkins | June 21, 2002 10:40 am

You Put Your Left Foot In, You Take Your Right Foot Out, That’s What The Weasel Dance Is All About!: Well, well, well, Yasser Arafat now says that he’s ready “to accept a Mideast peace plan put forward by then-U.S. President Bill Clinton in December 2000.” Of course, Arafat has about as much interest in peace as Saddam Hussein has in weapons inspections. So why is Arafat going through this whole weasel dance[1] about accepting the peace plan? Either Arafat got a tip that Israel is getting ready to (1) kill him, (2) expel him, or he thinks that (3) Israel is going to fully reoccupy the disputed territories. My best guess is that #3 is the right answer considering Israel’s new policy of taking land after terrorist attacks.

So what does Arafat hope to accomplish by saying he accepts the peace plan? That’s simple; he says he accepts the peace plan, he and the Israelis spend a couple of fruitless months negotiating, and then he says he’s changed his mind. By the time that happens, hopefully things will have cooled down a bit and the pie in the sky optimists will be encouraged enough by the fact that Israel and the Palestinians had talks to keep Israel handcuffed for another few months. At worst, it gives the Palestinian apologists another propaganda tool to use since they can claim Arafat wanted a peaceful solution. Of course, that ignores the fact that the Palestinians just finished multiple suicide attacks on the Israelis, that Arafat will make no attempt to actually arrest people for murdering Israelis, etc, etc. It will be interesting to see how many people actually buy the load of crap Arafat’s shoveling now that it has a shiny bow on it.

*** A “Damn I’m good” Saturday update to this post.***

Here’s a quote from an article[2] released by Reuters today…

“Israel threatened on Saturday to launch a “crushing offensive” and impose an indefinite reoccupation of Palestinian areas unless suicide bombing and shooting attacks against Israelis stopped.

“We have to take much more massive action than we have until now. If this means entering the territories and staying there for a long time then we will have to consider it,” Amos Yaron, director general of the Defense Ministry, told Israel Radio, describing the potential action as a “crushing offensive.”

Told ya so…

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