You Will Shake Hands With Antichrist When He Rules The World!

by John Hawkins | June 18, 2007 2:17 am

Last week, my Townhall column was called the The Conservative Case Against Ron Paul[1]. The column did well, finishing 2nd for the day at Townhall on Friday.

As expected, the Ron Paul crowd went absolutely insane in the Townhall comments section and via emails. The emails I received seemed to be roughly split between people saying something akin to, “Ron Paul is the greatest candidate evah and America’s last hope! How dare you criticize him,” and the loonier crowd, which tended to say something more along the lines of, “Ron Paul knows that the Bush administration is behind 9/11/the North American Union and who’s paying you to try to stop his certain ascent to the presidency?”

I was toying with the idea of putting together a whole post filled with these quotes, but there was one email from a Ron Paul crank that was so unintentionally hilarious that I thought it merited its own post.


Subject: the young lughead John Hawkins has writer’s diarrhea and should be back in high school

To the employees and writers of Clown Hall and its Affiliates:

I’m afraid that the young lughead John Hawkins has writer’s diarrhea and should be back in high school. He is rehashing old manure about Dr. Ron Paul that he read in a comic book. The article “The Conservative Case Against Ron Paul” is rehashed stuff taken from a 2-bit peep show and he calls it a column. None of it is true, but he was too busy smoking coffee to look up the facts.

Ron Paul is the only real conservative among the candidates and has the best conservative record according to several conservative sites. Conservatives have traditionally been for small Federal government, less taxes, and no foreign wars without just cause. Most of the other candidates are establishment neocon stooges like John Hawkins and Clown Hall. The micro brain of young John Hawkins does not understand that.

The reason you are against Ron Paul is because let’s face it, Clown Hall is in the hip pocket of the Israeli lobby, your primary allegiance is to Israel, not the US, and you will shake hands with Antichrist when he rules the world. Ron Paul is evenhanded with both Arabs and Israelis and doesn’t play favorites, as it should be – the only way to world peace.

The Town Hall should be renamed “Clown Hall”

Dr. Ward Ciac
Ivy League Prof

I consult for the Duncan Hunter[2] campaign.

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