Clownish Nobel Laureates Put Human Race on Trial

This is a big day for the human race. It has been put on trial by a moonbat kangaroo court in Stockholm, with Nobel prize winners taking the side of Planet Earth against it:

“It’s a civil court case to see whether we’ve breached our relations” with the planet, “and to see how to restore that relationship,” symposium chair Johan Rockström told reporters at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The “trial” will be one of the sessions at the third biennial Nobel laureate symposium on global sustainability — a three-day event that opened in the Swedish capital Tuesday.

An advisor to our own rulers will be piling on against humanity:

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Mario Molina of Mexico, the winner of the 1995 Nobel Chemistry Prize who is a science and technology advisor to US President Barack Obama, told the news conference he hoped rationality, common sense and wisdom would strengthen the planet’s case in the “symbolic” trial.

Other than the media, who could take this misanthropic farce seriously? The United Nations, of course:

The Stockholm Memorandum will be considered by the UN panel, which was appointed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon[bat] and includes South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma and his Finnish counterpart Tarja Halonen and has been tasked with putting together a “new vision” on sustainable growth.

The idea is to impose the kangaroo court’s lunatic verdict at an international level. Don’t expect anyone in our government to defend America against it.

Nobel laureates prepare to hold court.

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