UN Links Weath And Happiness To Man-caused Global Warming

by William Teach | November 6, 2010 9:30 am

You can probably guess which way they’ll go, I’m sure

The globalization of the consumer society and global warming are quickly becoming the two biggest threats to future wealth and happiness, according to the United Nations.

I’m sure people would be much happier to live like it is, well, hell, there’s been trade around the known world for what, 3-4 thousand years? But, hey, let’s pick 1599, when the world was deep in a Little Ice Age, with shorter growing seasons, more people living in colder areas, and some really long lasting wars. Don’t forget the Black Death which occurred during a cooler period, too.

The UN’s annual Human Development Report said wealthy countries “need to blaze the trail” on making economic growth less dependent on fossil fuels and helping underdeveloped nations reach sustainable development.

Why does the phrase “redistribution of wealth” pop into my head, with the United Nations taking a big cut?

Bringing up last year’s failed Copenhagen climate summit, the report called for international commitment at the upcoming climate talks in Cancun, Mexico next month “if we are to face up to what may be the most serious threat the world has ever faced.”

If it was so dire, perhaps they wouldn’t have thousands fly into an exotic vacation spot, creating massive CO2 footprints while using fossil fuels.

The report states that the majority of the world has become wealthier, healthier and better educated over the past 20 years that the study — “The Real Wealth of Nations” — has been released.

Huh? You mean to say that during the time period climate alarmists freak out over, things have gotten great? I thought our health and wealth was on the line. That’s strange. What’s that? They are claiming that things in the future will be massive suckage all over? So pony up money? Oh. OK.

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