Danny Glover Says ‘The Wrath of Gaia Is Punishing You, Haiti’

Danny Glover Says ‘The Wrath of Gaia Is Punishing You, Haiti’

That’s right. As Tim Blair reports, Danny Glover claims that the failure to act on “climate change” in Copenhagen is what caused the earthquake in Haiti.: Gaia is vengeful! Repent, you Global Warming Deniers! Since all Christians are held responsible for what Pat Robertson says, then I assume that all whom believe in Global Warming â„¢ are responsible for what Glover says, yes? Since they are both religions and all.

Actor Danny Glover believes that the: Haitian earthquake was caused by: climate change and global warming. Says Glover: “When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen,: this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I’m sayin’?”

Um, no, I don’t really “know what you’re sayin’.” : You aren’t the: brightest “in compliance with eco-friendly standards” bulb on the shelf. Firstly, Global Warming â„¢ is a huge hoax. Secondly, my 7 year old knows what causes earthquakes and it’s not allegedly warmer weather. There are these things called tectonic plates and seismic waves and stuff. Science is hard, Danny!

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Stop trying to foist your Gaia-based religion on us, Danny! I don’t like the sound of your wrathful, revenge-y Gaia. Plus, this isn’t a theocracy, you know.: I’m totally stealing your separation of church and state card and using it now. Thanks!

Also, kindly shut it and stop adding cuckoo pants insult to devastating injury.

Image Courtesy of iOwnTheWorld.com

Image courtesy of iowntheworld.com

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