“Fast and Furious:” Captured Drug Cartel Leader Talks about Guns

by Jane Jamison | July 10, 2011 11:04 pm

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Fox News’ Brit Hume said this weekend, “Operation Fast and Furious” is Obama’s Watergate….even though the mainstream media are trying hard to avoid covering it……the scandal is growing.

Remember when ATF held a news conference to announce that 90% of the weapons confiscated from drug cartels in Mexico were from American gun stores? Those numbers were “doctored,” and the government itself now admits they were wrong. Read all of the report by Aaron Klein of World Net Daily.[2]

Klein also reports that “Fast and Furious” ATF agents trained corrupt Mexican police squads.[3]

Jerry Seper at Washington Times[4] says the Congressional investigation by Congressman Issa into “Fast and Furious” is expanding soon.


Meanwhile, Mexican police last week rounded up “El Mamito,” one of the leaders of the Zetas cartel……. Borderland Beat has more.[6]

El Mamito says the cartels got their guns from American gun dealers.


“El Mamito” also known as Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar has been busy talking to Mexican authorities about his role as the leader of one of the country’s most vicious drug cartels— Los Zetas. Since “El Mamito” was captured earlier this week he has been especially informative about where the cartel gets their guns.

Authorities on both side of the borders are very interested in the issue of guns and cartels, since Aguilar is being tied to the killing of U.S. agent Jaime Zapata in Mexico. And hearings are currently being held on the “Fast and Furious” government program that accidentally put U.S. guns in the hands of the Mexican cartels.

Rejon said all the Zeta’s guns are purchased in the United States, no exception. They are transported either by vehicles or boats. The arms are typically purchased from arms suppliers or ‘straw purchasers’ as they are known, who work for the cartels in the U.S. In a recent case a U.S. citizen was charged with buying 200 AK-47’s and Beretta pistols for the cartel and was planning on delivering them 10 to 20 pieces at a time by simply walking over the border into Mexico.

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