Have You Seen The Crazy Sunbather-Catches-Cobra Viral Video?

It’s a brilliant piece of showmanship, but it’s not the amazing, death-defying feat it purports to be.

This is the amazing moment a woman sunbathing in South Africa catches a cobra before it can strike.

The girl, sitting by a lake in Robertson, Western Cape, wearing nothing but a bikini, is captured on video performing the amazing feat seconds after she had been chatting to a friend off-screen.

She uses lightning quick reflexes to grab the reptile by its throat as it launches through the air at her, while a pair of dogs watch on from the waterside, seemingly too terrified to intervene.

Here’s the video…

If you look closely you can see the shadow of the man reeling the snake in with a fishing pole. And of course, if you understand snakes you’ll know that they neither usually move that quickly nor do they move in a straight line, which is another giveaway.

In fact, what’s going on with the video is a prank a man was playing on his sister in an attempt to scare her, but she responds in a way he absolutely didn’t expect.

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